Hey you. You're welcome to listen to this music and even make a copy for yourself if you really like it. BUT, don' t put it on a file-sharing network where it's available to the world. It's our music, copyrighted by the artists, we get to decide. Cheers.

Mango Dub was a 7-piece Calypso/Soca/Reggae band that was hittin' the clubs in the 1980s and early 1990s in Vancouver. The Railway Club was by far the most memorable one. It seemed that 'the Dub' played there every few months. The group also played many concerts and festivals, including the original Reggae festivals at New Brighton Park (The place would be hoppin' with pots of curried goat, and the band would be wailin', with or without the PA, which went dead once when the generator ran out of fuel).


Brian Black - vocals
Jaimie Black - guitar, vocals
Tony Fernandez - guitar, vocals
Tom Kalpatoo - percussion
Russel De Vert - drums
Vegari Cendar- bass
Gordon Durity - Trombone, Keyboards
Bob Walker - Saxophones, Keyboards

Recorded in Bill Miekle's garage and mixed by Bill and Gordon.
Except: Walkin' recorded at Mushroom Studios and featured Ted Connelly on bass, Glenn Smith on guitar, 'Commander' Bob Caldwell on drums, and John Korsrud on trumpet.

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