The Walker-Hamilton Trip 2002

Day: 1 Date: July 16

Starting Location: Vancouver
Ending Location: Revelstoke
Stayed at: Canyon Hot Springs Campground
Start km: 115137
End km: 115747
Total km travelled: 615
What we did and saw:
Got a good start off from Vancouver at 10:00am. Let's go!!!
Saw the last spike at Canawastie. I hit a spike in a railway track.
Stopped at the Railway Museum in Revelstoke. Great. Some old trains that they've redone and are now on display. It's interesting to see the passenger compartments, the smell of warm wool blankets, and the kitchen. Jane bought a pin for her dad (because he grew up there) and a pocket knife for herself (because she used to live there).
Problems with the car just after Revelstoke. The oil light went on. Always a bad thing. I stopped and checked the oil level, it was fine. (or at least it said so) We limped into the campground.
The campground is in the middle of white-water rafting country. Lots of tours and trips down white-water rapids, but we didn't get a chance.