The Walker-Hamilton Trip 2002

Day: 2 Date: July 16

Starting Location: Revelstoke
Ending Location: Canmore, Alta
Stayed at: A-1 Motel
Start km: 115747
End km: 116074
Total km travelled: 327
What we did and saw:
Happy Birthday Colin!!!!! Colin and Olivia had roasted marshmallows for breakfast.
Had car towed back to Revelstoke (about 20km) to have it checked out. I rode in the tow truck, and then rented a car and drove it back to the campgound to get Jane and the kids. They were swimming in a hot pool at the campground (a regular pool, but fed by hot springs). Jane took the rented car to get some ice cream when we got back to Revelstoke, and it broke down too. Our car worked out to be ok, so we carried on through Rogers Pass and on to Alberta.
We couldn't camp this evening. We tried a campground but there were no tents allowed, because of bears!!!