The Walker-Hamilton Trip 2002

Day: 3 Date: July 17

Starting Location: Canmore, Alta
Ending Location: Drumheller
Stayed at: Riverside Campground
Start km: 116074
End km: 116342
Total km travelled: 268
What we did and saw:
Andrea came and saw us at the motel. She showed us the mountain she climbs, we could see it from the motel parking lot. She gave the kids gifts, Colin a birthday present and Olivia a present as well. Thanks Andrea.
Took the car to have it checked out in Calgary. They gave a loaner and we almost got to the Calgary zoo, but instead visited a good used bookstore.
Colin bought 2 Calvin and Hobbes books that he and Olivia read for the rest of the trip.
Arrived Drumheller at about 4:30. Hot, hot, hot.(Next time try the Kokopelli campground, it looks nicer.) Went to the big dinosaur waterpark at the town centre to cool off.

Animals we saw

Gopher : In a field outside of our motel, there were lots of holes, and we discovered that gophers lived in them. The gophers would come up out of their holes and look around and then go back in. Sometimes they stood there for a long time. Colin and Olivia tried to sneak up on them, but they could only get to within about 5 feet of them before they scurried back into their hole.