The Walker-Hamilton Trip 2002

Day: 4 Date: July 18

Starting Location: Drumheller, Alberta
Ending Location: Brooks, Alberta
Stayed at: Dinosaur Provincial Park
Start km: 116342
End km: 116539
Total km travelled: 197
What we did and saw:
Spent the morning at the Royal Tyrell Museum. Incredible museum dedicated to Dinosaurs. World renowned, and out in the middle of nowhere. A large number of paleontologists are based here, and you can see the research they are doing.
Back in the car after lunch and saw some Hoo Doos at the side of the road. Incredible. Everyone was tired and hot (even with Air) but perked up when we stopped at the Hoo Doos.
Short drive on to Dinosaur Provincial park, a world heritage site (with a UN flag out front). Swam in a dirty creek (it was hot) that joined the Red Deer river.
Attended a lecture sponsored by the Royal Tyrell Museum (Dinasaur Prov Park is an outpost of the museum) by a visiting paleontologist from Australia, who was promoting cloning as a way to bring back the Tasmanian Tiger. Need some de-programming after this lecture.
Animals we saw
Bunnies : We saw lots of them in the campground. One went into a campsite, tried to get into their car, and set off the car alarm! Some were looking around the campsite. We saw approximately 20 of them. Olivia says we got about a foot away from one.