Day 4 Lakelse Prov Park - Ginger Cabin,North Beach, Graham Island, QCI

Poured rain all last night. Woke up to it and made a quick, wet get-away by 7am. Arrived in Prince Rupert by 9am. Had breakfast at the Coast Mountain Hotel and met Jane's friend Lisa and her boyfriend Rich, who were having breakfast at the same time. Lisa was going back to Vancouver and Rich was going back on the ferry to the Queen Charlottes.

Nice long ferry ride (1pm - 7:30pm). Rich told us about some cabins on the north beach of Graham Island (the north island). We decided to try for it and drove 1.5 hours from the ferry to this cabin.

Beautiful rustic cottage right on the beach. Loft to sleep in. Propane lights and stove, no running water. Like camping inside.

The ferry ride is different from others we've been on. You can rent cabins, lots of people bring picnics, and you're not allowed on the car deck while the ferry is moving. A good idea - see Hartley Bay.